It’s clear that rural America holds an essential role in moving our country forward and deciding who controls the agenda in Washington, D.C., yet rural America is often left out of important policy decisions. One Country Project’s Rural Progress Summit brought together rural stakeholders from across the country to ensure future policy considerations address the challenges rural communities face. Along with discussions of important rural priorities, we highlighted the vital role rural areas play in shaping the nation’s energy, economic, and agricultural future. On the heels of the inaugural Rural Progress Summit, the One Country Project released its Rural Horizons Poll, which revealed rural voters are in a challenging mood for Democrats, though they don’t believe either party is speaking to them.

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According to the poll’s findings:

  • 57 percent of rural voters think the Democratic Party is not considering their way of life, while 50 percent say the Republican Party is not considering their way of life.
  • Of the politicians included in the poll, Donald Trump was the only well-liked national political figure.
  • Biden is seeing “drop-off” from his 2020 vote total among rural voters, but his policies are more popular than his job approval. 47 percent of rural voters polled were in favor of the president’s Build Back Better plans for infrastructure and social programs.
  • Immigration remains the issue that resonates most with rural voters ahead of COVID-19, jobs, and the economy.
  • When it comes to health care, rising premium costs and physician access are rural voter top priorities.
  • Rural voters have strong concerns about inflation, jobs, politicians, and family farms.
    • 83 percent of respondents agreed that the costs of everyday items like food, clothes, and gas are increasing quickly.
    • 82 percent believe trade schools and a skilled labor force can provide the foundation of a successful career to support a family.
    • Concerns over politicians contributing to disinformation were dominant at 80 percent, with 78 percent believing that disinformation is threatening people’s well-being.
    • 75 percent of rural voters think family farms are disappearing faster than ever.