One Country Project November 5, 2021


November 5, 2021 


One Country Statement onOctoberJobs Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, One Country Project founder Heidi Heitkamp issued the following statement after the release of the October jobs report:

“We see progress in the October jobs report, as the United States added 531,000 jobs, exceeding the Dow Jones estimate of 450,000. This is a direct result of the hard work of the Biden administration and Democrats across the country to help people get back on their feet. This jobs report, which is the strongest report since June, shows how smart and forward-looking public policy can spur economic growth and bring new jobs to communities across the country.

“While the strong October jobs report may help tamper concerns about inflation and rising costs, recent polling by One Country Project shows that rural voters are still feeling the effects of inflation in their day-to-day lives. And countless rural communities still do not have access to critical services like high-speed internet, affordable housing, and affordable health care. To help alleviate these real concerns, it’s more important than ever for Congress to invest in the programs and policies that spur rural economic activity and make it easier for individuals to upgrade their skills, move up the job ladder, and build their own economic success.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Build Back Better Act will build upon the American Recovery Plan’s achievements and bring good-paying jobs, much-needed relief, and newfound economic opportunity to everyday Americans. But we need to do more than just pass the legislation. To truly have the largest impact and ensure every American benefits from these bills, Democrats in Congress must go directly to these communities, especially in rural areas, and have real conversations about the ways this legislation will impact their lives.”


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The One Country Project, led by former Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly, is working to promote greater opportunities for rural communities and ensure leaders earn their support. One Country is reengaging with rural Americans, serving as a clearinghouse of research and information for rural Americans, and working to ensure leaders regain trust by fighting for these communities. To learn more, visit the website,