As part of the Rural Progress Summit, One Country conducted a poll of rural America to determine the attitudes of rural voters as we head into the midterm election year.

Some key findings are below:

Rural voters prioritize immigration ahead of COVID-19, jobs and the economy with 23-percent of respondents stating it is their highest priority issue.

They also have strong concerns about inflation, jobs, politicians – and family farms. 83-percent of respondents agree that the cost of every day items like food, clothes, and gasoline is going up fast.

Rural voters don’t believe that either party is speaking to them. Just 34-percent of respondents think Democrats consider rural voters when prioritizing legislation. Only 38-percent of respondents fell Republicans prioritize rural voters.

Donald Trump is the only well-liked national political figure with 55-percent of respondents viewing him in a favorable light. All other politicians tested, including President Biden and Mitch McConnel, are viewed more unfavorable than favorable.

Despite this high level of discontent, rural voters express some confidence about their economic future with 62-percent of respondents holding a positive view of their current financial situation. 68-percent of respondents expect their financial situation to be favorable in the coming year.

President Biden’s approval rating is 10-points below his 2020 vote total among rural voters. He also has very low approval ratings with independent voters.

A majority of rural voters believe that Joe Biden has fallen short of expectations – including 21% of Democrats. Rural voters give Biden credit for his work addressing COVID-19, but is otherwise net-negative.

57-percent of respondents hold a positive approval rating for Trump’s his time in office.

Rural voters are generally in favor of the “Build Back Better” plan, though they raise concerns about its cost. 47-percent of respondents view the plan positively. The plan is viewed more positively than Biden is across all population sectors.

Rural voters view rising premium cost and physician access as the most important healthcare issues.

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