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One Country Project Applauds Biden Administration Action to Expand Homegrown Biofuels Amid Rising Inflation Costs


April 12, 2022    

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One Country Project Applauds Biden Administration Action to Expand Homegrown Biofuels Amid Rising Inflation Costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, One Country Project founder Heidi Heitkamp issued the following statement after the release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics March Consumer Price Index Report and announcement by the Biden Administration that they will be allowing E15 gasoline to be sold this summer in an effort to help American families with rising gas costs.

“Today’s CPI report confirmed what many rural families already know—their cost of living is going up. With inflation spiking to 8.5% last month, Americans are experiencing increased housing and food costs, as well as prices at the pump. The price of gas has increased 48% over the past year, and 18% over the past month. As inflation has grown each month over the past seven months, so too have Americans’ concerns about their economic future.

We commend the Biden Administration for taking swift action to combat these rising fears and costs by announcing today that the U.S. will expand the usage of homegrown biofuels by allowing E15 gasoline—gasoline that uses a 15 percent ethanol blend—to be sold this summer. It is estimated this action could help an American family save 10 cents per gallon of gas, which is important for all Americans, but especially those in rural areas. Food, furniture, and energy cost more in rural areas and individuals tend to spend more money filling up their tanks to travel longer distances to access everyday items like groceries or services like daycare or healthcare.

The expansion of homegrown biofuels will not only aid in alleviating the price at the pump, but also help to stimulate rural economies. Allowing American farmers to produce more biofuels here at home will help to create jobs, lower energy costs, and bolster our national security by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

When it comes to addressing America’s energy independence, I have long been a proponent of an all of the above approach that includes taking advantage of our ethanol resources while also leveraging a mix of natural gas, wind energy, and fossil fuels. During my time in the Senate, I was proud to lead a bipartisan effort to protect biofuel production, as it is critical to the growth of rural economies.

The announcement today around expanding homegrown biofuels combined with the passing of the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act demonstrate that the Biden Administration is committed to addressing the issues facing rural America. I hope that more Democrats get out and speak directly to constituents about the work they are doing to help rural communities like the President did today by making this important announcement in Des Moines, IA.”

Hear OCP Founder Heitkamp discuss the energy crisis on CNBC here, along with other remarks on inflation here.

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The One Country Project, founded by former U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, is working to promote greater opportunities for rural communities and ensure leaders earn their support. One Country is reengaging with rural Americans, serving as a clearinghouse of research and information for rural Americans, and working to ensure leaders regain trust by fighting for these communities. To learn more, visit the website, https://onecountryproject.com/. 


Posted on April 12, 2022 in Press Releases.
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